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GEOCONCEPT is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

 Jun 29, 2020

Supporting customers in their digital transformation as they constantly adapt to meet new economic, social and environmental challenges, has been Geoconcept’s mission since the company started out 30 years ago.

Constantly investing in R&D, Geoconcept’s high level of expertise and acclaimed know-how are the result of hard graft over many years, working with regional authorities, banks, and the retail sector to master the art of handling geographic information, to best serve those in charge of territory planning and development, geomarketing and datamining analysis. In recent years, the Group aimed to widen its field of action and take its place today among world leaders in intervention planning, scheduling and route optimization. More than 130 partners around the globe today use GEOCONCEPT solutions for the purpose of innovation in supporting and optimizing the daily movements of 155,000 equipped mobile resources.

Today, we are proud to blow out all 30 candles on the cake! Our long experience in this field is a cause for celebration, and we would like to share with you GEOCONCEPT’s vision and ambitions in the video that follows:

GEOCONCEPT is building the future with you

GEOCONCEPT's core mission has always been to optimize your mobility, and so to reduce CO2 emissions generated by your mobile teams. However, we are all now clear that taking responsibility for our environment is the business of everyone. We can no longer say this is just a worry: it is an imperative that has to be taken into account at every level of our daily lives. You, the technicians, shippers, maintenance agents, sales personnel who spend all day on the road, have already understood that eco-responsibility will significantly impact your business.

No surprise then, that GEOCONCEPT is already hard at work anticipating and planning for the implications of this ecological transition and the impact it will make: the outcome we all want is that mobility can and will be intelligent and responsible.

Many towns and cities have embarked on the structural transformation needed to respond to the challenges posed by climate change and deteriorating air quality in urban areas. By becoming smart cities they have triggered an energetic and ecological transition.

Deployment of numerous connected objects and the Internet of Things constitutes an important first step towards smart mobility, reducing unnecessary travel, and making the job of those working on the ground safer and easier:

  • Fitting urban refuse bins for example, with fill sensors communicating with Geoconcept solutions, means rubbish collection routes can be planned more intelligently and responsibly. Garbage teams will only need to collect when they know containers are full, thereby reducing congestion in town centres and pollution as a result.
  • Georeferencing for underground gas networks using internal robotics and sensors to keep people and equipment safer, notably during road maintenance missions. GEOCONCEPT and ENGIE Lab have been working in partnership on this project since 2017.

In this context of climate emergency, it is also vital to better organise and control the movement of goods. With the boom in e-commerce, home deliveries, ever increasing congestion in city centres, traffic restrictions… transport and logistics specialists now have little choice but to move towards cleaner delivery methods, reducing first-time delivery failure rates, or rethinking the logistics chain overall, restructuring, for example, to site delivery depots of proximity in suitable locations outside major cities.

GEOCONCEPT is working to meet the needs of pour réduire le nombre de kilomètres players by supporting Geoconcept Territory Manager within its solutions:

  • optimization of schedules for a heterogeneous vehicle fleet (with supply to suitably located depots using lorries, then delivering the last mile using bicycles, for example);
  • taking into account new networks and schemes being deployed in the context of electrical transport models (vehicle autonomy, charging stations);
  • ensuring the quality and reliability of information gathered (localization, accessibiity) to reduce the delivery failure rate.

Ever since GEOCONCEPT started out, all those years ago, working closely with our valued customers has been our priority, to ensure we were developing the right responses to current and future challenges. GEOCONCEPT puts the user experience right at the heart of design strategy. We proactively encourage and foster collaborative working models, embracing the dynamic this brings to change and innovation. Our R&D teams are constantly developing and integrating new algorithms built around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so solutions are ever more finely aligned to resolving your business challenges.


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